Team Merch!

Team Merchandise!

Here at mma-4kids we offer a variety of our own team merchandise, we source clothing from a reputable company that is of high quality and thickness to protect your child’s skin from any grazes or skin infections. With children working so closely together skin infections can happen and can pass on to one and other quite easily once it starts. This is why we always state children need to be fully covered to prevent this happening. Although it is compulsory to wear long sleeved rash guards and spats/leggings. It is not compulsory to wear our own kit we are more than happy for you to purchase else wear- our main goal is to keep your child protected. 

Please note that if items state out of stock this is due to the next order date not being in place as of yet but parents will be made aware when this is available.

Team Merchandise!

Long Sleeve Rash Guards -
MMA Shorts -
MMA Spats/Leggins -

Team Merchandise!

As for sizes, I ADVISE going 1-2 sizes bigger than normal, as having extra room is better than being too small. I have attached an image with measurements and sizes once through to the shop.

Please Note: Once an order has been made it is non-refundable and any mistakes made in the form boxes are down to the customer. We take no responsibility for your mistakes.
It is not compulsory to buy our training clothing to attend our clubs.

When is the next order?

We try to do an order every 6 weeks, please note this is subject as we need a certain amount to make and order. Orders are from overseas and in bulk only.

Do i have to have mma-4 kids team merch?

It is not compulsory to buy our training clothing to attend our clubs.