Student Rules

What Must my child wear when attending a mma-4kids club?

– All evening and weekend students MUST wear a long sleeve rash guard and a pair of Spats/Long bottoms/Leggings.

– All students must be bare footed or wrestlings/boxing boots are permitted as long as they are for mat use only.

– All long hair must be tied back & no jewellery allowed on students whilst training.

– We advise all students to wear a gum shield (we take no responsibility if you choose for your child not to use one of these)

* Please note for school club students normal P.E kit is fine.

What As a Parent can i do?

Please make sure your child has clean cut finger nails and toe nails.

Please make sure your child always has fresh clean clothing.

If your child is ill please keep them of the mats until fully recovered.

If your child has any skin rashes please show the coach before class.

Please provide your child with a drink of either water/juice – No fizzy/energy drinks allowed.


No swearing, bullying or disrespectful behaviour will be tolerated.

If you have any concerns always speak with a coach.

All children that attend our clubs must follow these rules.

Please make sure you and your child follow our mma-4kids rules.