School clubs:

Our school clubs are the staple of what we do, we run before and after school clubs throughout term time these are situated around Corby and surrounding areas. We teach children Mixed Martial Arts techniques in a safe controlled way. Because they are young, we use game formats so the techniques are fun which helps them enjoy learning and training.

Making our way into schools was really important for us, teaching the vital skills to help build their confidence at a such a young age that they will be able to carry with them into adult life.

School club spaces are booked on a term by term basis. There are limited spaces, so when booking opens it is first come first served. All information is in the description when booking, such as, dates you are booked in, times, locations and ages accepted. If you require more information, feel free to pop us a message.

Once booked onto a school we will contact you via email if needed, we will also email you when spaces re open so you can re book back on if you wish.

We run our own in-house grading which is included FREE, this is to help the children focus so they can see themselves moving up the reward system due to the work and determination they put in.

Please make sure to read our consent + term and conditions before booking.

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