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We run our own in-house grading system, to help the children progress and focus. This system helps children to understand that if they work hard, they can achieve more. All our gradings are done on a 6-10 weeks basis and children are graded on their understanding of what is shown. We have 5 levels in our system, all coloured for kids to enjoy. Each level has its own coloured certificate, 3 stickers (bronze, silver and gold) these have to be earned to achieve the next certificate. Once a child has been graded the coach will give the certificate or stickers to the child. Please note not all children will be graded every single time, only children that have progressed to the level required. Our club varies from schools, to out of schools and with this the training has to be slightly different for each club. Have a look below for a basic break down of each level. 


Level 1 – Red Certificate

Child is grasping the basics, they understand how to get in their stance. They can move while maintaining a tight guard, can throw basic shots like jab, low kick etc. Understand the important of changing levels. Have a clear understanding of head movement and moving in and out of range.


Level 2 – Green Certificate

This level shows the child is starting to move on from the basics, to understand foot work more – like the importance of keeping hips low, moving without crossing feet and when to plant feet or not. They can engage or disengage in clinch and understand what it is used for. They can also show 2 punch combos with good form, plus have a basic understanding of ground positions and take down entries.


Level 3 – Purple Certificate

Now becoming more technical the child can perform techniques such as arm drags, back takes, wrist control – they understand wrestling entries like double legs and how to use an opponent’s body to their advantage. Striking has become more confident, showing knees, sidekicks and more to add to their ever-growing game. Depending on which club they attend, they now understand how to submit opponents with various submissions.


Level 4 – Blue Certificate

Very advance level, child knows how to mix up hands, knees and kicks to land combos with great form. Understands how to defend wrestling entries, regain grips and control the tempo. They can also catch and counter kick keeping them safe and secure with correct form. On the ground not only can they use submissions, they know how to set them up and bait opponents in.


Level 5- Yellow certificate

Our highest grade is for students who have developed a great overall game, they understand and can show counter striking, great footwork, level changes, knowledge in lots of grip control/wrestling scenarios, can grapple with submissions, understand different positions and how to move through them. They can also confidently show other young students how to perform moves in a safe way. These students are ready to step up to the next level.

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