MMA-4kids Consent & Terms

Booking Consent + Terms & Conditions: 


By making any booking with MMA-4kids I agree to and adhere to these term and conditions and give my full consent.

We have a no refund policy on all bookings, if a child cannot attend the booking for whatever reason we cannot refund it. The only circumstance we will issue a refund is if we have to cancel a booking due to illness/emergency that we cannot reschedule.

I hereby acknowledge that MMA-4kids cannot be held responsible for any loss of, or damage to property, or injury sustained. I authorise MMA-4kids (who are first aid trained, qualified, insured and DBS checked) to administer or approve any medical treatments deemed necessary.I hereby acknowledge that even though mma-4kids only uses skilled, insured, first aid trained and DBS checked coaches there is still a chance of injury. I accept this and understand mma-4kids cannot be held responsibility.  

I understand that my child will be doing a sport and with a sport their heart rate will be elevated due to exercise and I’m happy for this and know of no medical reasons that will affect them. 

When booking a club through us, especially for younger children, you agree your child will be happy to stay and participate for the full duration. You understand if they cannot do this they will be dismissed with no refund.

On certain bookings we run a in house grading system, if your child loses/damages their grade, we can issue a new one but this will be at a fee. If you would prefer to opt out of our grading system please email us at

All direct communications will be done via email. Emails will have information about your booking and other services we run. To opt out please email us at

We never share any booking data with any 3rd party companies. The only exception is on a school booking we will share details with your child’s school, for safe guarding purposes only.

If you stop using MMA-4Kids we will take all your details off our system this will include your child’s in-house grade. This will also mean your child will lose their booking and spaces will be offered out to other students.

All coaches at MMA-4Kids have the right to dismiss any child that don’t follow our club rules or are disruptive, have bad behaviour or is bullying any other students. Again, no refund will be given on this.

We don’t allow children to wear any form of jewellery when attending their booking, this is for safety reasons and to prevent any accidents. If a child attends a booking with jewellery an MMA-4kids coach will ask the child to remove it. *Please note our coaches will not remove this for them.

When making a booking please read all booking information its very important you pick the right booking for your child. Double check they are eligible and you have the right booking for them. Failure to do this could mean them missing out on a booking.

When purchasing an item from our team merchandise it is important to know we offer no refunds on any purchase. With all items we advise what sizes we recommend but ultimately it is down to the consumer. Please make sure all details are correct as we take no responsibility for this.

When making a purchase for our team merchandise you understand MMA-4kids make bulk orders on certain days, this will affect how long it will take to receive your purchase. By making payment you accept and understand this.

As stated above we offer no refunds, unless we have to cancel and cannot reschedule. If this happens, we will contact you via email to discuss refund payment.

If we have to cancel a club due to low numbers (very rare) we will email you and offer you an alternative club, if we have one suitable. If not, we will offer a full refund to the payment method you used to make the booking this will take 10 working days to appear back on the card used.

MMA-4kids stores no payment details. We use services such as GoCardless and stripe, these are both safe, secure and up to date with GDPR please visit their websites to read up on their policy. 

Any further information or disagreements please email us at